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Nuri Telecom taking the African smart grid by storm

04.07.2013 Views:172

Completion of a high-voltage facility AMI in South Africa, following Ghana deal.
Success in 14 countries boosts confidence for further international expansion.
Nuri Telecom advances into the African smart grid market.
Nuri Telecom (CEO Cho Song-Man) revealed on the 3rd that it has currently finished establishing a smart grid advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in high voltage facility number 4000in Tschwane, the administrative capital of South Africa. The construction of the AMI is part of the “AMI-based energy management system construction project” ordered by the city of Tschwane in 2011. The high voltage facility was completed within 2 years of the initial selection of Nuri Telecom and its local partner companyMandla Technologies, and is scheduled to begin operations within the month. Nuri Telecom also obtained a contract for 100 thousand low-voltage unitswith the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG). In one month Nuri Telecom has obtained two major contracts in Africa alone.


The city of Tschwaneaims to expand AMI technology to use in households, to enhance power use efficiency for consumers, and enhance management efficiency and reduce operating costs for power companies. Nuri Telecom will participate in the international bidding for the 430 thousand unit contract for households and other low-voltage consumers offered by the city of Tschwane. Having completed Tschwane’s industrial contract puts Nuri Telecom at an advantage in seizing the low-voltage household market.
Nuri Telecom is the only domestic company to have successfully completed smart grid AMIs totaling over 500 thousand units in 14 countries.
Through international references, Nuri Telecom has the technology and experience required to maintain stable communications networks and AMI systems construction in a variety of environments. Nuri Telecom AMI solutions are comprised ofsmart meters equipped with remote metering modems based on mesh?GPRS wireless communications, data collection units, and platforms, among other constituents. Based on technological expertise and on experience, Nuri Telecom aims to advance into the low-voltage energy market of South Africa, as well as the energy markets of Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
CEO Cho Song-Mansaid “Having won the South African industrial smart grid contract in 2011, we advanced into Ghana, and out next target is large-scale household AMIs.”and“We hope to expand into the markets of Mozambique and Zimbabwe based on the technical experience we have obtained from installing smart grid AMIs in 14 different countries.”