Nuri Telecom
Founded in 1992, Nuri Telecom, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, is a leading provider of Smart Grid and Energy Management systems and solutions, enabling Advanced Metering and Smart Grid applications over wireless and electrical networks.

The company is publically traded on the KOSDAQ (Korean Stock Exchange) and has subsidiaries in Japan, South Africa and the United States of America. The company capitalizes on its field hardened wireless and BPL/PLC technology and operational know-how to save consumers money and help utilities to establish an Advanced Metering Infrastructure that's proven, reliable, future-proof and standards-based.

Nuri Telecom offers flexible and customizable end-to-end Advanced Metering and Energy Management solutions, AiMiR™, controlled by a feature-rich, Web-based metering and network management system. AiMiR provides advanced metering for the electricity, gas and water utilities and energy management solutions for the Building, Industrial and Residential markets.

To date, Nuri has deployed over a half million smart energy meters the world over and that number grows dramatically each day. This includes large-scale deployments for commercial, industrial, and residential markets. With a growing list of global customers, Nuri Telecom is expanding its customer base throughout Asia, Middle East and Europe and is rapidly making inroads into North America. Nuri brings you the best-of-breed solutions by working with our partners who are well-established companies in Metering, Demand Response, Enterprise Software and Value Added Resellers (VARs).

Nuri Telecom is a key member of the Korea Smart Grid Association KSGA, committed to the Korean Government's vision of nation-wide Smart Grid implementation by 2030. This includes goals to slash overall energy consumption by 3%, cut down total electric energy consumption by 10%, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 41 million tons and establish over 27,000 power charge stations for electric cars. A total of over $24 billion will be injected according to the roadmap.

Nuri Telecom along with other players in the industry is working on a $58 million (64.5 billion KRW) smart grid pilot program launched by the Korean government on Korea's Jeju Island. The program consists of a fully integrated Smart Grid System for 6000 households; wind farms and four distribution lines. With large deployments of AMI throughout Asia and Europe, and Smart Grid deployment initiatives in Korea, Nuri Telecom is a leader in bringing the vision of Smart Grid to reality.

  • Headquarters: Seoul, Korea
  • Founded 1992
  • Publicly Traded, KOSDAQ Listed (Korean Stock Exchange)
  • Offices in U.S., Japan, and South Africa
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