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Song Man Cho, Chairman

Representative of Nuri Telecom Co., Ltd.

IT Industry career : 34 years

Employees and customers, shareholders happy company!

Mr. Cho is a representative of 1.5G Korea Venture Company, a S / W engineer who founded NURI Telecom
with the intention of conquering the global market with domestic S / W.
Despite the bumpy market conditions, He is an enthusiastic winner and CEO who has been making a new history for the past 20 years.
Based on the belief that he will create a company that is happy with Nuri Telecom’s employees, customers and shareholders,
he is returning 10% of the operating profits to employees first and emphasize various welfare policies and business innovations he has a warm heart and strong action force. As the first step in establishing a company to win in the world market with domestic software, he aims to grow into the world's top IT company certified by global competitors through technological competitiveness.
Thank you for your continued interest and encouragement.

Key History

  • 1984

    Graduated from Chonnam National University, Computational Statistics.

  • 1985-1991

    Worked at Daewoo Communication Co., Ltd.

  • 1992.03.16

    Established NURI Telecom Co., Ltd.

  • 1992-Now

    CEO, NURI Telecom Co., Ltd.

  • 2017-Now

    CEO, MoimStone Co., Ltd.

External History / Award

  • 2014-Now

    Vice Chairman of KOSDAQ Association

  • 2013-Now

    Director of Korea Software Industry Association

  • 2010-Now

    ATC Association Director

  • 2016.02

    SW Competitiveness Excellence Award

  • 2015.10

    Intelligent Grid Industry Minister Award
    (Export Industrialization Division)

  • 2009.11

    Presidential Commendation for IT Innovation

Young Duk Kim, CEO

Representative of Nuri Telecom Co., Ltd.

IT Industry career : 30 years

NURI Telecom AMI Develoapment Leader in charge!

CEO Kim Young-duk is a proven expert who has accumulated experience in the IT industry for 30 years and is an early member of the founding of NURI Telecom, a leader who pioneered the development of NURI Telecom ‘s flagship product, AMI. Based on the experiences of cooperating with Nuri Telecom, he is proudly presenting the right direction and the factors to be avoided. Based on various business experiences and practical management capabilities as the CEO of NURI Telecom he is leading the company with a humble leadership that spans generations. Until the day that NURI Telecom becomes the world's top IT company, he will do his best to meet with his employees and shareholders without losing faithfulness, responsibility and humility.

Key History

  • 1989

    Graduated from Inha University, Electric engineering

  • 1989-1994

    Worked at Daewoo Communication Co., Ltd

  • 1994-2001

    Director, Nuri Telecom Technology Research Center

  • 2002-2007

    Director of NURI Telecom Management & AMI Division

  • 2008-2017

    Managing Director, Overseas Business Division, Nuri Telecom

  • 2017-Now

    CEO, NURI Telecom Co., Ltd.

External History / Award

  • 1994

    KEPCO document distribution and electronic postal mail system development

  • 1996

    TiCOM system and NMS development

  • 2000

    CDMA remote meter reading system Development

  • 2004

    Mesh RF AMI system Development

  • 2004-2007

    Applied 8 kinds of AMI related patents

  • 2008

    Commendation of Minister of the Ministry for practical use of new technology