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Briquette sharing as part of its social contribution program

05.12.2019 Views:1008

As part of its social contribution program, NURI Telecom (www.nuritelecom.com), which specializes in energy IoT solutions, announced that

it carried out `` love briquette sharing and briquette carrying service '' targeting energy vulnerable groups in rural villages in Seocho-gu.

NURI Telecom donated daily necessities such as briquettes and 500 kilograms of rice to the Seoul Briquette Bank of Korea and chairman Cho Song-Man, President Kim Young-duk, and 44 employees and employees' families participated in carrying out briquettes. 

Chairman Cho Song-Man said, “We are doing this program to share hope and help neighbors at the end of the year with the purpose of ‘Let's take care of the energy vulnerable people in Seocho-gu first.’ Also, we will continue to pursue various social contribution activities, including briquette service, as employees have a great interest in volunteer activities.”