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NURI Telecom entered ‘Venture 100 Billion Club’

11.12.2019 Views:1260

Nuri Telecom, an energy IoT solution company, announced that it had entered the '2019 Venture 100 Billion Club' last year after surpassing 100 billion won

in separate sales last year. Thank to the increase in sales of domestic and overseas AMI solutions, Nuri Telecom recorded sales of 177.5 billion won (exports accounted for 48%). Because of it, Nuri Telecom was listed on '2019 Venture 100 Billion Club.'    

Nuri Telecom's export-to-sales ratio was 34% ~ 67% over the past five years (2014-2018), with an average of five years.

And the export proportion is 45.6%.45.6% of the export proportion.Thanks to this, in 2018, Nuri Telecom received the $ 30 million Export award on Trade Day. 


Chairman Cho Song-man said,

“I am pleased to be able to enter 100 billion venture clubs this year. He also said, 'I give thanks to all executives, employees, and partner companies who endeavored for the first localization of domestic AMI products that achieved the industry's only US $ 30 million export award, and many achievements, including 312 million AMI solutions for 46 domestic and overseas power companies.”