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NURI Telecom revealed AMI and Micro Grid Solutions at ` Korea-ASEAN Innovation Growth Showcase 2019\'

28.11.2019 Views:21

NURI Telecom(www.nuritelecom.co.kr) participated in the ASEAN-Korea Innovation Growth Showcase Exhibition held in BEXCO, Busan from November 25 to 26.

The Korea-ASEAN Innovation Growth Showcase selected 35 Korean and ASEAN institutions and companies in five cooperative sectors, including the Future Food section and the Future Energy section. NURI Telecom was selected as AMI representative of Future Energy section and the 100,000 AMI implementation project in Vietnam and the microgrid project in Malaysia were introduced as representative examples. 

CEO Kim Young-duk said, “The Korea-ASEAN innovation growth model has been a successful model since NURI Telecom has been exporting AMI systems to ASEAN countries since 2004 in Thailand and the Philippines.” 

Also, he said, “NURI Telecom has established a Vietnam subsidiary doing a great project such as 100,000 AMI implementation project in Vietnam to promote aggressive marketing, as well as overseas marketing activities for AMI, microgrid and renewable energy convergence projects in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Indonesia.”