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Nuri Telecom’s consecutive 9 quarters surplus

14.08.2019 Views:308

Nuri Telecom continues its surplus streak for nine consecutive quarters.


In 2019, based on KIFRS, the company recorded half-year sales of 64 billion won, operating profit of 3.7 billion won, and net profit of 2.2 billion won.        

The biggest reason for the year-on-year deviation was operating profit decline due to the completion of the  SORIA  AMI project, which significantly improved its sale performance last year.

However, as MoimStone is pursuing new power IoT business in addition to VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol), sales increased Year-on-Year as smart meter sales were reflected in the semi-annual results.

CEO, Kim Young-duk said, 

Currently, the company is continuously conducting overseas sales activities such as reviewing the business feasibility and cooperation plans of 10 overseas projects in order to pioneer new AMI and renewable energy markets in Asia and Latin America.” 

“This year, the smart energy city project will be promoted as a new business through the development of energy information and energy trading platform in district 5-1 of Sejong City.”                                                

In addition, through the recent decision to conclude a treasury stock trust contract, the company will continue to pursue policies to enhance shareholder value through stabilization of stock prices.”'