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SmartGrid to be installed in 100 thousand Ghanaian Households

13.01.2013 Views:196

Nuri Telecom has received a commission for installation of smart-grid technology on a large scale and advanced metering infrastructure in Ghana. Nuri Telecom is the first domestic company to successfully obtain a contract for such a large-scale project, besides pilot and demonstration projects. On the 12th, Nuri Telecom (CEO Cho Song-Man) exchanged an MOU with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) for a prepaid‘100 thousand unitsmart grid AMI construction’project, at its Seoul Bangbae-dong headquarters. Both companies will work together to distribute 100 thousand AMI units to households and other low-voltage consumers in Ghana by the end of 2015. The project will be conducted in 4-month intervals, 10 thousand units at a time, and the commission fee is 3.3 billion won. The project is expected to generate at least 33 billion won in sales if all goes well.The first stage of the project will distribute 10 thousand units to the Prampram and AkimOda regions of Ghana. The items to be distributed are included in Nuri Telecom’s Total AMI Solution and include smart meters equipped with a mesh?GPRS wireless communications-based remote advanced metering system, data collection units, platforms for these devices. The ECG in turn is to operate the management systems for remote metering for its consumers. CEO Cho Song-Namsaid, “Considering that the smart-grid market both domestically and internationally are opening at a later rate than predicted, this project is a significant occurrence that even international competitors may want to take not of.” as well as,“This contract puts us in an advantageous position to earn similar contracts with South Africa and Uzbekistan.”.