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Nuri Telecom and ECG signed an MOU to install AMI system

12.01.2013 Views:165

Nuri Telecom announced that it signed a MOU with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to implement the AMI system using RF Mesh and GPRS communication for 100,000 households in Ghana. Under the agreement with ECG, Nuri Telecom will deploy end-to-end AMI system for 100,000 residential customers out of 270,000 electricity customers in Ghana over the next 3 years, Nuri Telecom will begin first deployment of 10,000 smart meters in Tema and Eastern regions of Ghana by July this year. "We have high expectations for the new smart metering system. We believe that Nuri can help us to save the operation costs by eliminating manual meter reads and to bill the actual usage to the customers." said Mr. William Hutton-Mensah, MD of ECG, Ghana.