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Nuri Telecom and Yongin City signed a business agreement for smart power platform for domestic use

15.03.2021 Views:88

-. Replace old meters with smart meters and provide energy information management services for free

-. Opened the homepage for free installation of smart meters for apartments nationwide (www.apt-ami.co.kr)

Nuri Telecom, selected as a home smart power platform implementation company last year, is receiving applications for free installation of smart meters from representatives of apartment tenants nationwide to replace smart meters for free to 400,000 households nationwide.On the 11th, a business agreement was signed with Yongin City on the home smart power platform business.


The ceremony was attended by Yongin Mayor Baek Gun Ki (center of the photo), Lee Chang Hoon, executive director of the Korea Smart Grid Project Group, Kim Gwang Soo, chairman of the Yongin City Apartment Association (right), Lee Young Ik, director of the Power Infrastructure Center, and Nuri Telecom's CEO Kim Young Duk (left).

Nuri Telecom replaces obsolete meters with intelligent smart meters in 60,000 apartments in Yongin City. In accordance with the signing of a business agreement to achieve this, the Yongin City Apartment

Association selects the target site and Yongin City will support public relations for residents so that apartment complexes in the building will install a smart power platform for home use. Nuri Telecom, the operator

of the project, will be in charge of supplying and installing smart meters, and the cost of installation will be 50% supported by the government and 50% will be paid by Nuri Telecom, the operator of the project.


Nuri Telecom has opened a website (www.apt-ami.co.kr) to apply for free installation of smart meters to recruit 400,000 households with aging meters.