Nuri Telecom
Smart Grid and AMI System Integration
The deployment of smart meters, distributed power generation, and integration of transmission and distribution networks into a Smart Grid will bring an onslaught of real-time data. This data supports traditional and time-of-use billing as well as advanced applications such as theft detection, load forecasting, demand response, outage management, mobile work force management, customer web presentment and others. Meter data is collected continuously that must be properly managed, stored, analyzed and effectively utilized throughout the utility enterprise.

Nuri Telecom IT Solution Partners are subject matter experts with thorough understanding of all aspect of utilities business including Sales, Utilization, Billing, Customers Services, Finance, Stores, Distribution, Transmission, Maintenance, Purchasing, Customer Centers, Surveillance & Monitoring, Regulatory Affairs, Human Resources, etc. They work closely with customers to provide seamless integration of AMI data with Billing system, GIS, MDMS, CRM, Outage Management Systems and other enterprise applications.

The following implementation services are provided:

Meter Data Management System (MDMS)
Implementing MDMS provides utilities with a central data repository between the AMI system and the enterprise application systems to take advantage of the AMI data and transforming into valuable information that can be used by the entire organization to make quality business decisions.

Customer Care and Billing
Metered Data, Multi Party Billing, Open Market Interchange, Field Work, Meter Reading, Meter & Device Management, Geographic Data Management, Billing, Financial Data Management, Rating, Credit & Collections, Payment Processing, Customer Interaction, Customer Data Management, Sales & Marketing, etc.

Geographical Information System (GIS)
Database Management and Design, GPS Base Data Collection, Large Format Scanning & Processing, Digitization/Vectorization of Drawings, Internet/ Intranet Deployment of GIS, Software Installation, Real Time Tracking, Customized application development in GIS, Data Publishing and Documentation, Satellite Image Processing & Rectification for GIS

Data Warehousing (DW)
Data Warehousing is a repository of integrated information, available for queries and analysis. Data and information are extracted from heterogeneous sources as they are generated. With the Smart Grid data streaming in, there is a lot more information to manage. It is estimated that Smart Grid functionality will result in over 400 MB of data per meter per year for smart meters alone – This presents a major challenge for utilities to manage the type of volume of smart meter information.

Our solution partners help the enterprise cope with this problem by defining the data structure to support strategic and tactical business processes and maps them to the application data model. The services include the analysis of data requirements and the appropriate DW tools, and the selection and imp

Business Intelligence (BI)
The Business Intelligence solution enables the enterprise to transform the flood of data collected from Smart Grid, customers, financial transactions, etc. into meaningful information in order to plan and tackle any tactical, operational, or strategic challenge. Our partners approach towards BI includes defining information requirements, designing integrated processes and systems for consolidation, reporting and analysis, selecting appropriate data management and delivery technologies, and deploying a single point of access for retrieval of critical business information.