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In Home Device (IHD)
2.4GHz ZigBee Home Area Network


Nuri Telecom's AiMiR IHD is a highly integrated Home Energy Management System. It gives consumers the ability to monitor their energy usage in real time and provides them meaningful feedback on how their habits or behavior ultimately impact their energy bill. AiMiR IHD empowers consumers with the opportunity to make more informed decisions about how and when they use energy and control costs.

AiMiR IHD is a hub of the AiMiR Home Area Network (HAN) and wirelessly connects smart meters and smart energy appliance inside and outside of a home in a network. It collects and tracks electricity consumption. This means not just the total amount of electricity consumed in a billing period, but precisely when that electricity was used by each of the smart appliance in the HAN. The IHD allows consumers to collect real-time electricity usage information as well as pricing and control signals from the utility company transmitted wirelessly from the smart meter to AiMiR IHD. Using pricing information from the utility company, consumers can effectively manage their electricity consumption. They do this by seeing how and when they are using electricity and what it is costing them. This can be done effortlessly without having to wait for the monthly bill from the utility, by offloading non-essential uses to off peak hours.

AiMiR IHD makes the consumer of electricity an active participant in the energy market. It allows utility companies to collect interval data from all of their customers through AMI and HAN connections, Instead of charging a flat rate for usage, regardless of when electricity is consumed, the IHD links the time of consumption with an appropriate price for that time period that accurately reflects the wholesale power market conditions . It does not matter if this is accomplished via simple time-of-use rates, or more complex dynamic rate structures like real time pricing or critical peak pricing The consumer and the planet benefits.

AiMiR IHD is complaint to ZigBee SE (Smart Energy profile) and seamlessly connects to similar smart energy appliances in the AiMiR HAN. The WiFi/Ethernet network interface allows for an alternate channel for utilities to communicate with the AiMiR IHD through a consumer's home broadband gateway.

  • Home Energy Management application for real time usage monitoring, budgeting, thermostat, appliance control, etc.
  • Easy to use, menu-driven touch screen-based, user interface
  • ZigBee network interface for communicating with smart meters and smart appliances
  • WiFi/Ethernet network interface
  • Secure end-to-end data communications across wired and wireless media and networking protocols
  • Provision and manage a home area network (HAN)
  • CO2 emission information
  • Alarm/Event notification
  • Large LCD display
  • ZigBee Smart Energy Profile (SEP 1.0) certified