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Home Metering Unit
2.4GHz ZigBee Home Area Network


The AiMiR HMU is a key element of Nuri Telecom's family of Home Energy Management System solutions. - It is a collection of products and software that wirelessly connects smart energy appliance inside and outside of a home.

The AiMiR HMU is a whole house electricity metering peripheral device for the AiMiR Home Energy Management System. It is connected to a home's main circuit breaker and wirelessly delivers whole house electricity consumption and power quality data to the AiMiR IHD. The IHD Home Energy Management Software in turn allows insight into real-time electricity consumption, the CO2 emission and the costs, in one glance - for the whole house. This allows consumers to effectively manage their electricity consumption by seeing how and where they are using electricity and what it is costing them.

  • Meters whole house power consumption & power quality including: Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Active/Reactive Power, Active/Reactive amount
  • Stores energy consumption, event and demand data
  • Stores Load Profile (LP) data
  • Stores Power Outage/Restoration Events
  • Wirelessly transmits metering data to AiMiR IHD using ZigBee
  • User programmable LP data read intervals (15', 30', 60')
  • ZigBee SE compliant