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Nuri's AiMiR AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) technology enables energy meters, IHDs (Intelligent Home Displays) and similar devices in self-configuring, self-healing wireless mesh networks. The Repeater is an extender, used to create the backbone of an AiMiR network. Alternatively it can expand the range of an AiMiR network so that all devices in the network can seamlessly communicate with one another.

The Repeater is part of Nuri Telecom's family of end-to-end AMI connectivity solutions. The Repeater is connected to a battery that is recharged by a solar panel. It uses an intelligent charge controller that regulates the power consumption of the Repeater. The Repeater helps to create and/or fortify the infrastructure of a AiMiR network, creating a multi-path self-healing network. The Repeater is solar powered and includes a built-in battery. This makes installation easy and gives complete flexibility in mounting locations, without having to worry about availability of power.

The Repeater is designed primarily to "patch" areas within an AiMiR network where signal erosion, air interference or loss occurs due to distance limitations. It also serves to create multiple pathways, increasing the redundancy of the mesh communications to ensure maximum network reliability.

The Repeater is a key element of Nuri Telecom’s end-to-end connectivity solutions – a collection of products that also includes our MIUs (Meter Interface Units), Concentrators, digital cellular modems and software. Nuri’s solar powered Repeaters make networking simple, cost effective and easy to deploy, providing utilities with true connectivity.

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  • Lowers overall AMI cost by optimizing network infrastructure
  • Extends network coverage area by increasing signal strength
  • Creates additional network pathways to ensure reliable mesh network
  • Provides network coverage in difficult terrains
  • Simplifies network deployment
  • Easy to deploy – solar powered