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Metering Infrastructure
Nuri’s AiMiR Broadband over Power Lines (or BPL) uses the existing power grid infrastructure reaching all devices both overhead and underground that utilities want to monitor, collect data and control. By leveraging the existing infrastructure it also helps to overcome the economical barriers to deploying NAN in the urban high density housing serviced by a single transformer and rural areas.

Nuri Telecom uses the IEEE standard 802.11a, which operates in 5 GHz band, and uses a 52-subcarrier a fault tolerant OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) technology with a maximum data rate of 54 Mbit/s, to implement BPL’s physical layer. Since powerlines are not designed to piggybacking data, transmitting data on them presents itself with high attenuation and noise, requiring lot of error correction. Using OFDM allows Nuri to eliminate such problems.

Communication with Meters
Nuri Telecom offers a variety of form fit BPL MIUs (Meter Interface Unit) for a broad range of C&I and residential energy meters from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Nuri’s MIU-equipped energy meters makes networking simple, easy to deploy, and provide utilities with true connectivity. In the unlikely event, a particular MIU isn’t available for a meter a utility company selects, Nuri can design it in collaboration with the meter manufacturer within a short period of time.