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Digital Cellular Modems are part of Nuri Telecom’s family of end-to-end Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) connectivity solutions for the C&I (commercial and industrial) applications. They transform standalone smart electricity meters into an integral part of the Smart Grid network.

Smart electric meters connected to Nuri's modems communicate utilization data and power quality information to AiMiR Head End Servers located at the utility data center via Digital Cellular Rack System, over a GSM/CDMA network.

Nuri's Digital Cellular Modems are highly customized with embedded smart meter interface protocol and TCP/IP protocol stack, enabling them to collect data from the meters, extracts necessary data and make packet data as small as possible, resulting in faster communications and enhanced system performance.

The Nuri modem provides two-way communication using Push (automatic reporting) and Pull (on-demand collection) methodology utilizing Packet and Circuit Switched Data services over a GSM/CDMA network.

This highly scalable and cost effective arrangement allows utilities to take advantage of a wide range of cutting-edge Smart Grid applications, including advanced metering, outage and restoration detection, demand response, innovative tariffs, remote connect and disconnect, and other major ones.

Nuri's Digital Cellular Modems make networking simple, easy to deploy, and provide utilities with true connectivity. Nuri offers a variety of Digital Cellular Modems for a broad range of smart electric meters from the industry’s leading manufacturers. In the unlikely event, a particular modem isn’t available for a meter a utility, Nuri can design it in collaboration with the meter manufacturer within a short period of time.

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  • Provides two-way GSM/GPRS/CDMA communication
  • Embedded meter communication protocol
  • Embedded TCP/IP protocol stack
  • Automatic data reporting
  • - Programmable data collection and reporting
  • - No human intervention needed
  • - Reduction of overall data collection time
  • - Robust security
  • Highly secure, modem authenticates remote meter access
  • Remotely configurable
  • Watch-dog, Self-reset, Self-diagnosis and Self-restoration
  • Power outage reporting
  • Real-time outage detection (optional)
  • Meter cabinet door open/close detection and notification
  • Supports wide range of smart meters from leading meter manufacturers