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AiMiR BPL Meter Concentrator Units
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Nuri's AiMiR BPL Data Concentrator Devices (DCU) aggregates and stores meter data including LP (Load Profile), Current Max/Regular Max demand and Outage/Recovery Log data from the meters in the AiMiR BPL AMI NAN (Neighborhood Area Network) and feed the traffic to AiMiR Head End Systems. The Head Ends are located at the Utility control center and the meter data from the DCU is sent over the digital cellular or WAN connections. The DCU provides metering data as per schedule or on demand from specific and/or all meters in the NAN.

By doing so, smart energy meters and other intelligent devices connected within the AiMiR NAN, can be read, connect/disconnect, configured, monitored and managed remotely. Thereby minimizing, or even eliminating, the need to physically visit each device to collect data and verify its operating health. Collecting usage data in discrete time intervals allows utilities to charge time-differentiated rates for electricity usage. This networking arrangement gives utilities flexibility to add a wide range of cutting-edge applications such as remote connect and disconnect, Demand Response, etc. in the future.

DCUs are designed to IEEE standard 802.11a, operates in 5 GHz band, and uses a 52-subcarrier a fault tolerant OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) technology with a maximum data rate of 54 Mbit/s. Using OFDM technology prevents issues related to high attenuation and noise synonymous to Power Line Communications.

DCUs are a key element of Nuri Telecom's family of end-to-end AiMiR AMI connectivity solutions - a collection of products that also includes MIUs (Meter Interface Units), digital cellular modems and head-end software.

Nuri's AiMiR DCUs make networking simple, easy to deploy, and provide utilities with true connectivity.

  • Fault tolerant OFDM technology
  • 54 Mbbs data rate
  • Network Connectivity
    • To/from AiMiR BPL AMI NAN
    • To/from AiMiR Head End Server (WAN back haul)
  • WAN Communication supported
    • Ethernet, GSM/GPRS
  • Clock synchronization
    • Via NTP over WAN
    • Provides clock to all supported Smart Meters and networked devices
  • Security: 128-bit AES encryption
  • Data storage for smart meters and other network devices
  • Optional battery backup