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AiMiR AMI Head-End Software

AiMiR head end software

Nuri AiMiR Head-End software is an advanced smart grid data collection and management software running on an AiMiR Head-End Server. It is a highly scalable, flexible, and offers standards based integration interfaces empowering full integration within a utility’s enterprise architecture and various Smart Grid applications. The software provides real-time two way communications, AMI control and management, demand management through Home Area Network and consumer access to energy consumption data.

The AiMiR Head-End Software provides data acquisition, events and communication management services for devices connected to either AiMiR Smart Grid Wireless Mesh NAN or Smart Grid BPL NAN, and AiMiR HEMS. These devices include energy meters, concentrators, smart thermostats, smart plugs, In Home Displays, appliance meters, appliance connect and disconnect switches and Remote Appliance Controllers (RACs).

The AiMiR Head-End Software provides various standard interfaces for seamless integration of collected data with utilities enterprise business systems and or applications such as Customer Relationship and Billing (CR&B) systems, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Systems, Demand Management Systems (DMS) and Outage Management Systems (OMS).

The AiMiR Head-End Software includes following functions:

  • Advanced Metering
  • Network Management
  • Demand-Side Management

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