Nuri Telecom


CEO Cho Song-man Received the President's Commendation

Nuri Telecom CEO Cho Song-man

November 1, 2010 — NURI Telecom CEO Cho Song-man received the President's commendation at the 2009 Korea IT Innovation Awards ceremony sponsored by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and organized by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency on November 26.

The 'Korea IT Innovation Awards' is aimed at recognizing businesses and experts who have contributed to IT usage and propagation and expanding good practices to promote the country's competitive edge in overall business and public sectors through IT development.

The President's commendation recognized the company's successful implementation of the automatic meter reading system for industrial electricity after its first localization of the AMR system in 1998 as well as its overseas market development efforts through export of the AMI system, a key infrastructure for consumer-side smart grid, to 11 foreign countries, including Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy and the Philippines.