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Nuri Telecom Develops IoT Energy Analysis Solution using deep learning technology
Admin 2016.04.26


In recent years, interest in deep running (artificial intelligence) technology has been attracting attention, and Nuri Telecom (, a specialist in intelligent AMI solution based on IoT (Internet of Things) was selected as the organizer of the Deep Learning (artificial intelligence) based energy analysis technology and efficiency demonstration project in order to demonstrate efficiency in the production field.
Nuri Telecom announced that it has applied deep-learning technology to the energy IoT field for the first time after securing original technologies such as AMI (
Advanced metering infrastructure), EMS (Energy Management System) and new renewable energy monitoring system. By the end of 2018, Nuri Telecom plans to introduce intelligent smart energy IoT solution by applying data mining function and deep learning technology of AMI and EMS platform software.


The purpose of this project is to develop high performance data distribution processing system and energy monitoring and reduction system by introducing energy consumption prediction / analysis model and deep learning technology to IoT solution such as AMI and EMS. In addition to the failure and fault diagnosis services of each facility in the future, it is possible to provide more advanced energy analysis services by combining factory energy management and building energy management solutions such as quality analysis and productivity management system. It is expected to be used significantly.

Kim Min Soo, director of the Micro Grid and Energy Management Platform Development Team, stated that "Nuri Telecom has already secured the source technology of the energy management system that integrates and manages all the energy used in factories, buidings and homes. We will actively participate in the goverment's green energy expansion project and expand the business of deep-run-based energy IoT solution with competitiveness such as domestic smart grid expansion and overseas market entry."