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Nuri Telecom begins Norway’s SORIA AMI Project
Admin 2016.04.07

Nuri Telecom ( has started work on Norway’s SORIA AMI project.

The SORIA project is a joint project of 29 electric power companies such as BKK (Norway's third power company in the electric power sector) and Nuri Telecom as the main operator in the international bidding order to build Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for 740,000 people. In December, the project won orders worth 79.3 billion KRW. This project is the largest single AMI project that a Korean company has won overseas. The SORIA project is expected to start full scale rollout in 2017 and will be completed by the end of 2018.

Founded in 1992, Nuri Telecom is a world renowned supplier of end-to-end AMI systems and solutions and has successfully deployed AMI solutions for over 1.4 million smart energy meters throughout the world including Korea, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Egypt, Iraq, India and other countries.