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Nuri Telecom President Cho Song Man Receives Venture Enterprise Industrial Merit Award
Admin 2015.11.27

Nuri Telecom President Cho Song Man received 2015 Industrial Merit Award. 

Accepting the award, Cho Song Man said:

“I am honored to be an engineer who has been in the field of IT for over 30 years as I have been awarded the industrial packaging for my contribution to the industrial development as a venture business. I am very thankful and grateful to you for the trust you have shown in me and in Nuri Telecom... Nuri Telecom has been exporting AMI products and solutions to 17 countries all over the world. We have been putting in our efforts for over 20 years in the R&D of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Based on our AMI technology and experience, we plan to expand our business to health care and social safety services business utilizing energy IoT infrastructure."

Mr. Cho Song Man believes that technology development is the key to success in the field where technology entry barriers are high.


About Nuri Telecom
Founded in 1992, Nuri Telecom is a world renowned supplier of end-to-end AMI systems and solutions and has successfully deployed AMI solutions for over 1.1 million smart energy meters throughout the world including Korea, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Egypt, Iraq, India and other countries.

Nuri Telecom has pioneered the overseas market based on the original patents and system building experience of more than 50 AMI systems accumulated over 20 years.  In addition, Nuri Telecom has won the 10 million dollar export tower in 2008 and raised the cumulative overseas order amount to KRW 42 billion.