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Nuri Telecom and KEPCO announces launching of Social Safety Network Pilot service based on Internet of Things (IoT) at BIXPO 2015
Admin 2015.10.13

KEPCO selected Nuri (, a company specializing in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems and solutions, to deploy Social Safety Network pilot Network based on its IoT technology. It was announced at the BIXPO 2015 held at the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center in Gwangju.


The internet-based Social Safety Net service comprehensively analyzes the location information, heart rate abnormalities and power consumption pattern of a person wearing a wearable device by interlocking it with the AMI network. The device informs Social Safety officer of any abnormalities automatically so that the user can respond promptly.


KEPCO plans to offer Social Service Net pilot service in the Gwangju metropolitan city's vulnerable classes in the first phase. KEPCO will carry out technical verification of Gwangju metropolitan city and social safety net service, and Nuri Telecom will supply the wearable equipment, collection sensor, and software necessary for the social safety net system.