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Nuri Telecom advances into the Indian smart grid market, adds 15th country to its list of AMI solutionclient countries
Admin 2015.03.26
 Nuri Telecom (040160) has advanced into the Indian smart grid market with an Internet of Things-based service platform.

On the 26th Nuri Telecom signed a pilot project contract for an Internet-of-Things-based advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) with the Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd.(APDCL), based in northeastern India. This project was set forth by the state of Assam as a part of a nationwide project by the Indian government to install smart grid technology in 14 states. The Nuri Telecom consortium received the highest marks in international bidding, and thereby won the contract. Nuri Telecom is to provide the AMI technology while the four local participating companies oversee the project and manage installation.
With this contract, the list of client companies using Nuri Telecom’s Internet of Things-based AMI Total Solution has increased to 15.
CEO Cho Song-Mansaid“We predict that by providing our new clients with our proprietary AMI solution involving multiple channels of communication both wired and wireless, and AMI’s total solution compatible with renewable energy, new opportunities for business will open up in India’s smart grid market.”