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Nuri Telecom constructs a manufacturing center in NajuInnovation City
Admin 2015.02.25
Following the Korea Electric Power Corporation’s move to Naju, Nuri Telecom ( revealed on the 25th that it had established a manufacturing center in Naju Innovation City.

This move follows the relocation of the headquarters of KEPCO, Nuri Telecom’s main consumer, to Naju. Nuri Telecom has united the production facilities that had been split between the Seoul headquarters and Songdo branch. The manufacturing center is to produce smart grid AMIs and IoT products for both domestic and international sale.Hiring was done locally last month.
The move is followed by a restructuring of the organization into the Smart Grid Department, Automation Department, and Foreign Operations Department, and 6 teams working under these departments. Special attention was given to the IoT projects, with four new teams (Microgrid Team, Intelligent Imaging Team, Service Team, and Expansion Team) created to expand Nuri Telecom’s operations in that area. Nuri Telecom reported that, by placing each team under the direct oversight of the CEO, the decision making process has been greatly streamlined.