Nuri Telecom
Nuri Telecomreceives pre-paid AMI commission fromElectricity Corporation of Ghana of 5.8 billion won
Admin 2014.04.18
Jang Yun-Jeong, AJU Business Daily = Nuri Telecom, a company specializing in smart metering solutions, revealed on the 18th that it had received a commission from the Electricity Corporation of Ghana (ECG)for a prepaid AMI system project of 20,000 units (device name: AIMIR) according to an MOU withsaid company. The commission is worth 5.8 billion won, which surpasses the entirety of overseas sales for AMI systems last year, which was 5.2 billion won. Nuri Telecom distributes remote meter reading modems that track electricity consumption through mesh RF and GPRS technology, data concentrator units, meter data management system software, fee calculation and charge software, and a pre-paid AMI system (product name: AIMIR). Nuri Telecom CEO Cho Song-Manrevealed that “We are concentrating our efforts on attracting foreign commissions for our prepaid AMI system that is the culmination of AMI system technology accumulated over the past 30 years.”