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Nuri Telecom won Minister of Industry and Commerce Prize for Pioneering on-line prepayment AMI system
Admin 2015.10.21


Nuri Telecom (, is a leading supplier of a company specializing in providing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems and solutions, announced today that it has received the prize from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for its efforts in pioneering AMI technology and online AMI prepayment systems for the Global AMI markets.
The awards are given out by the Ministry of Industry to the companies contributing to the industrialization and export industrialization of Korea Smart Grid technology.

The company was founded in 1992 and has subsidiaries in Japan, South Africa, Ghana and the United States of America. The company capitalizes on its field hardened AMI technology and operational know-how to save consumers money and help utilities establish an AMI that's proven, flexible, highly scalable, reliable, future-proof and standards-based.

Nuri’s holistic end-to-end AMI solution is based on its experience in deploying AMI around the world, methodologies and best practices; it can manage and support everything from architecting a solution to integration of AMI and Smart Grid data with legacy and crucial business intelligence systems such as billing, customer service, field service and energy-demand management.

Nuri Telecom is a world renowned supplier of end-to-end AMI systems and solutions and has successfully deployed AMI solutions for over 1.1million smart energy meters throughout the world including Korea, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Egypt, Iraq, India and other countries.