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Nuri Telecom signs a 17.8 million dollar contract in South Africa

Jan 27 2015 — Nuri Telecom (CEO Cho Song-Man) has obtained a contract worth 17.8 million dollars (19.3 billion won).

On the 27th, Nuri Telecom revealed that in a meeting on-location in South Africa betweenExecutive Director Kim Yeong-Deokof the Foreign Operations Department and CEO Reginald VuyileMitiof Nuri Telecom’s main partner Mandla Technology, the contract for a IOT-basedsmart energy home infrastructure construction project offered by TUMS was signed in favor of Nuri Telecom.
The current project was proposed by South African metering services company TUMS(Total Utility Management Services)as a IoT-based smart energy home construction project, and involves the installation of a smart energy management system in 100 thousand homes in the city of Tshwane over the next two years, with 30 thousand of those to be installed within the year.
In future TUMS plans to install IoT-based smart energy home infrastructures in 800 thousand homes in Tschwane.
Nuri Telecom will provide smart meters, IoT-based communication modules in RS48S(wired), ZigBee(wireless) and GPRS (mobile communications) modalities, data collection units and load controlunits to construct a home infrastructure. This project aims to construct a consumer management energy system by applying an international standard IoT-protocolto monitor and control energy use, as well as notify the consumer of his energy use patterns, all in real-time, so that the consumer may himself control energy use.
CEO Cho Song-Man of Nuri Telecom emphasized "Based on the expertise we have accumulated internationally and domestically over the years, we will place renewed focus on applying IOT protocols to home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, air conditioning units, and washing machines to create a smart energy home system capable of monitoring and controlling energy output”.

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