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NURI Telecom Water AMR solution Released

07 Sep 2005—NURI Telecom leads the next generation of AMR where No human intervention is needed with its Electricity, Gas and Water AMR solutions.

A Professional advanced metering solutions provider, NURI Telecom (CEO: Cho Songman, has recently rolled out the water MIU (Meter Interface Unit, Product Name: NAPC-Water-100) for Water AMR and is getting into its stride in the rising residential water AMR market in and out of the country.

NURI Telecom announces that it has completed the AMR products lineup by developing the three kinds of MIU highly suitable for Electricity, Gas and Water AMR and accordingly, will advance to the sub-metering market for the residential apartment complex.

The newly launched water MIU will be deployed for the domestic and global projects simultaneously, especially for its first overseas reference project to implement the electricity/Water AMR and Home security system for 4500 subscribers in Oslo of Norway.

As well as the foregoing overseas project, NURI Telecom will participate in the pilot water AMR project that Seoul metropolitan city plans for next year to respond to the domestic market needs.

The newly launched water MIU is a unique product developed by using the international wireless network standard, ZigBee technology and is able to be connected to all kinds of water meters manufactured in and out of the country.

In particular, in responding to the next generation of AMR where No human intervention, this water MIU is designed to fully meet the product lifecycle for 20 years required by the global market and provides accurate metering data according to a specific time period.

NURI Telecom has led the domestic AMR industry by developing the advanced metering system (Product Name: AIMIR) using the mobile communication such as CDMA, GSM/GPRS or/and ZigBee technologies.

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