Nuri Telecom
Alliances Overview
Nuri Telcom, a worldwide provider of SmartGrid solutions, provides flexible and customizable end-to-end advanced metering solutions for the electricity, gas and water utilities. To date, Nuri has deployed over a half million smart energy meters the world over and that number grows dramatically each day.  Nuri Telecom is well established in Asia, Middle East and Europe and is rapidly making inroads into North American markets.

Nuri brings you the best-of-breed AMI solutions by combining unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across various components of AMI in collaboration with AMI Solution Integrators, management consultants, standard bodies, technology services companies, utilities business software companies, meter manufacturers, telecom companies and back office software integration companies in each of the geographic regions to provide a true end-to-end AMI solution.

Nuri Telcom collaborates with clients and our alliance partners in getting the smart grid solution up and running that focuses on energy efficiency and within agreed upon budgets. Our experienced project managers work with clients and coordinate with our alliance partners every step of the way to deliver the solution and support programs after project completion. The bottom line is Nuri Telcom provides expandable, robust and reliable smart grid solutions for utilities customers to help them become high-performance businesses.

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