Nuri Telecom
South Korea deployment map

Solution Deployment

Nuri Telecom successfully conducted a pilot project for the Youngdeung-Po district, as an initial step. Subsequently, KEPCO rolled out Nuri Telecom's AMI solutions to its customers in Seoul and the rest of the country through its corporate headquarters and 14 regional branch offices.

Results To Date

Thanks to the AiMiR AMI system, KEPCO is realizing a number of energy efficiency and economical benefits such as:

  1. Operational efficiencies, reduced costs and improved cash flow
  2. New and improved services to its customers
  3. Cost effective Demand Response programs
  4. Foundation prepared for the future enhancements that will support a two-way "smart grid"

The following targets were achieved:

  • Improved metering and billing services - Nuri AMI provides two-way communication and interval data from every meter in the network
  • Realized meter reading savings - significant reduction in labor and associated vehicle, fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reduced customer contact center costs - customer service representatives use "most recent" meter read for to resolve high bill complaints, complaints about missed or estimated reads, meter access problems, etc
  • Load monitoring and forecasting - AMI provides daily inputs to the load forecast. Interval data collected is used for load forecasting
  • Implemented Demand Response programs - through 27 different tariff schemes
  • Empowered customers to manage their energy use - KEPCO provides meter interval data to its customers to make informed decisions about ways to better manage their energy use
  • Transmission/distribution/generation planning - accurate usage data is enabling KEPCO to effectively plan and manage systems
  • Maintained customer privacy - customers objections to having meter readers on their properties is eliminated
  • Tamper and theft detection - mechanism is in place to detect theft or diversion using tamper alarms and data analyses on meter interval data
  • High-availability (HA) Network - achieved interruption free service 24 hours/365 days, reduces operational expenses and revenue loss due to service interruptions.

Nuri's AMI technology has contributed to KEPCO's remarkable achievements in the energy delivery sector in many ways. In 2007, KEPCO's outage time per household was reduced down to 17.2 minutes which is much less than advanced countries such as the United States and France. Transmission and distribution losses were down to 3.99%, voltage regulation compliance ratio was at 99.9%, and frequency regulation compliance ratio was at 99.7% representing world-top class performances.