Nuri Telecom

KEPCO Rolled-out Nuri's AMI Solution to its 180,000 C&I Customers throughout South Korea

"AiMiR AMI has permitted us to create pricing policies based on time interval usage. That was not possible before with mechanical meter reading. Also, we can now constantly monitor electricity usage, and AiMiR immediately notifies us of abnormal activity so that we can immediately take corrective action. This permits us to maintain high quality service to our customers and avoid costly electricity losses."

-- Kim Kyoung Soo, Sales Operation Manager, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) | Seoul, South Korea


Limited functionality of communications systems, a labor-intensive and inaccurate process of physical meter reading, increasing customer complaints, escalating non-technical losses, and non-optimum business process efficiencies and distribution asset management prompted KEPCO to investigate a new high performance automatic metering system to overcome these problems.


The solution was to implement Nuri Telecom's end-to-end AiMiR C&I AMI communications system. Nuri worked in tandem with KEPCO to scope out and carefully define the issues KEPCO faced. Nuri designed a flexible solution that allowed KEPCO to remotely and periodically collect metering, power quality, and efficiency data from its 180,000 C&I customers throughout the country.