Nuri Telecom

Architecting the Solution

Working in close collaboration with Göteborg Energi and keeping their requirements in mind, Nuri architected an end-to-end, two-way AMM communications system to remotely collect metering, power quality and efficiency data periodically from its 265,000 customers throughout the city using Nuri's AiMiR AMI technology.

The system was designed with the utmost flexibility to support smart meters from several different manufacturers. Aidon and Kamstrup meters were selected for three phase meters, while GE supplied single phase meters. The utility decided to use a GPRS wireless network as a back haul to the AiMiR Head End servers located at its data centers.

The Nuri AiMiR AMI system solution consists of:

  • Nuri technology enabled smart meters with built-in on/off switch
  • RF mesh network infrastructure devices
  • AiMiR head-end servers
  • Metering, meter data management and network management software

Solution Deployment

Goteborg deployment map

GIS Map showing Meters and Mesh Network Infrastructure Devices

Nuri Telecom in collaboration with its system integrator Embriq successfully conducted a pilot project in 2007, as an initial step. Subsequently, after approving the system acceptance testing in February 2008, Goeteborg Energi commenced with full-scale installations of Nuri Telecom's AMI solutions for their customers throughout the city.

Over a period of 15 months, a workforce of 90 electricians carried out full-scale installation, installing one thousand meters per day, or two meters per minute, in order to meet the government mandated July 2009 deadline. The workforce deployed 265,000 smart meters and a wireless network infrastructure comprising Nuri AMI concentrators, network repeaters and external antennas needed to achieve good radio performance. There are many variables in getting a network of meters up and running including location of the meters, terrain, number of meters in the area, etc. However, the workforce was able to get most of the meters installed and to provide hourly metering data right away; for the rest it took a little longer, but the work was completed within the scheduled time.

Results to Date

Göteborg Energi AB, one of Sweden's largest energy companies, created a citywide wireless mesh network with the Nuri Telecom AMI/AMM system, enabling them to remotely meter their residential customers electricity usage more efficiently, accurately and at lower costs, while giving customers greater insight into their energy consumption and better customer service.

Thanks to the AiMiR AMI system, Göteborg is realizing a number of energy efficiency and economical benefits such as:

  • Bill customers to an actual read on a monthly basis
  • Improved operational efficiencies, significant reduction in labor and associated vehicle, fuel and maintenance costs and improved cash flow
  • New and improved services to its customers
  • Foundation prepared for the future enhancements that will support a two-way "smart grid"
  • Option to offer new and potential services includes water metering, gas and district heating meter reading, fire alarm monitoring, street light control, etc.
  • Load monitoring and forecasting - AMI provides daily inputs to the load forecast. Interval data collected is used for load forecasting
  • Effectively plan and manage transmission/distribution/generation systems using accurate metering data