Nuri Telecom

Spain's Gas Natural Group Deploys Nuri Telecom's Wireless Mesh Advanced Metering Infrastructure to Modernize Residential Gas Metering

"We wanted a modern invoicing system that would keep both the Lorca and Mula residential customers and ourselves happy. Now we have it. We've surpassed our initial expectations. The new Nuri Telecom AiMir remote meter-reading system makes Gas Natural's gas measurement among the most technically advanced in Europe."

-- Maria Trinidad Carretero, Technology Director, Gas Natural


An age old labor-intensive, costly and inaccurate process of physical meter reading, escalating customer complaints, non-optimum energy efficiencies and business process and distribution asset management along with European and Spanish legislation on increasing energy efficiency (Royal Decree 809/2006 and associated regulations for energy meters) prompted gasNatural to modernize and make its gas metering infrastructure more efficient and cost-effective.


Gas Natural Group undertook to carefully study and analyze advanced metering technologies and solutions provided by a long list of worldwide suppliers to determine the best fit to solve its challenges. GN selected Nuri Telecom's AiMir AMM system to conduct a pilot project in the historic cities of Lorca and Mula in Southeastern Spain. Nuri designed and successfully deployed a highly efficient, flexible and cost effective solution that allowed GN to remotely and periodically collect metering and efficiency data from its customers throughout the cities.